World Dance Fair emerges as a response to the need of unifying all styles of dance in a single event whose multidisciplinary nature is capable to give multiple opportunities and enriching all participants and /or visitors. It will bring together not only practitioners of all different dance styles but also professionals from this sector.

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Among the many activities that World Dance Fair will host, there stand out Contest-Audition, a global audition with the directors of the most important dance schools of the world, World Dance Fair Exhibitions, from permanent costume exposition to unique opportunities to see backstage classes and ballet and ballroom stars performances; and Multiple Master classes, during all day offered for different styles.

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  • Exclusive Master classes
  • Unique exhibitions
  • Performances

ADDA Auditorium of Alicante

Classrooms and indoor and outdoor spaces equipped for the realization of master classes of more than 30 dance styles, auditoriums, catwalk, music hall, conference rooms adapted with the latest technologies in light and sound, VIP spaces, etc.



World Dance Fair 2018 will take place in the most important scenic spaces of Alicante and San Juan: Auditorium of Alicante, Principal Theatre, Theatre Arniches, Antique Bus Station, and International Dance School.

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  • Antique Bus Station
  • International Dance School
  • Teatro principal de alicante World Dance Fair Musicales


We work in close and permanent collaboration with public institutions. We also have the support of private companies, associations and foundations as well as a wide network of professionals from the sector.

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