• Tras su éxito en nuestro Concurso-Audición, Julia ha querido agradecer el trabajo de Alejandro Donaire, su profesor en Granada que le dio el empujón. También da las gracias a todos los profesores en Russian Masters, donde participó durante 3 veranos, especialmente Anastasia Sevostianova, Svetlana Efimova.


Julia Ibañez - 3rd place Category B

After her success in our Contest-Audition, Julia wanted to thank the work of Alejandro Donaire, her teacher in Granada who gave her the push. He also thanks all the teachers at Russian Masters, where she participated for 3 summers, especially Anastasia Sevostianova and Svetlana Efimova.

Thanks to the people who have trained her and above all to her talent she has managed to obtain FOUR SCHOLARSHIPS in some of the most prestigious schools:
- Royal Ballet School Antwerp, two weeks with the possibility of a full course
- Berlin State Ballet School, a week with the possibility of a full course
- One-week stay with the possibility of accessing a full-program at the Dutch National Ballet Academy
-One week stay at English National Ballet School